Saturday, September 17, 2016

Jonas is Getting a Little Sister!

Jonas has been ours for 1 1/2 years as of today. He's amazing and hilarious and creative and the sweetest son ever. And now he's getting a little sister! That's right...we're adopting again...this time from China! Check out our new blog HERE, and if you'd like to help bring her home, please consider participating in our Puzzle Fundraiser. Just $10 will help "Bring Home Our Missing Piece!" Check it out HERE!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

One Year

Today is Jonas's first Adoption Day! We've had an amazing year with our darling son. I wanted to document some things, so here goes...

-30 pounds (gained 7 pounds)
-36.5 inches (grew 4 inches)
-2T/3T shirts and 2T pants (was 18 month size)
-size 6 shoes (was size 5)
-fully potty trained (but not at night)
-eats everything

Activities he's done in the past year:
-DU gymnastics class
-Music Together class
-JCC art class
-Progresh ski lessons
-Skyline soccer
-Denver Rec swim lessons
-Early Intervention tutoring for language
-Stephen Knight Center for Early Education preschool (Ms. Kathy Lange's morning class)

Places he likes to go regularly:
-Wash Park
-Denver Children's Museum
-Denver Zoo
-Denver Botanic Gardens

Places he's visited:
-Michigan (Holland and Traverse City)
-Chesterfield, Missouri
-Orlando, Florida
-Dallas/Fort Worth
-Berkeley/San Francisco
-various places in Colorado

Favorite things:
-fruit (especially grapes and clementines)
-movies (especially Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Despicable Me)
-riding his bike
-the color green
-ice cream and suckers
-his friends TJ and Lela

I post picture of Jonas almost daily on Instagram, so go HERE if you want to keep up with our life as a family of three!