Thursday, March 17, 2016

One Year

Today is Jonas's first Adoption Day! We've had an amazing year with our darling son. I wanted to document some things, so here goes...

-30 pounds (gained 7 pounds)
-36.5 inches (grew 4 inches)
-2T/3T shirts and 2T pants (was 18 month size)
-size 6 shoes (was size 5)
-fully potty trained (but not at night)
-eats everything

Activities he's done in the past year:
-DU gymnastics class
-Music Together class
-JCC art class
-Progresh ski lessons
-Skyline soccer
-Denver Rec swim lessons
-Early Intervention tutoring for language
-Stephen Knight Center for Early Education preschool (Ms. Kathy Lange's morning class)

Places he likes to go regularly:
-Wash Park
-Denver Children's Museum
-Denver Zoo
-Denver Botanic Gardens

Places he's visited:
-Michigan (Holland and Traverse City)
-Chesterfield, Missouri
-Orlando, Florida
-Dallas/Fort Worth
-Berkeley/San Francisco
-various places in Colorado

Favorite things:
-fruit (especially grapes and clementines)
-movies (especially Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Despicable Me)
-riding his bike
-the color green
-ice cream and suckers
-his friends TJ and Lela

I post picture of Jonas almost daily on Instagram, so go HERE if you want to keep up with our life as a family of three!