Friday, March 17, 2017

Two Years

It's Jonas's second Adoption Day! He is still the light of our lives and as sweet as can be. Now he even has a little sister (five days younger) from China! He and Johanna have a lot of fun together. Instagram is where I post our daily adventures, but here are the yearly stats and things I want to remember...

-almost 35 pounds
-39.5 inches tall
-3T/4T shirts, 3T pants
-size 8 shoes
-still wears a Pull-up at night
-still eats most everything
-wears glasses full-time (also had to patch his right eye for 2 hours a day for a few months to strengthen his left eye)
-takes an hour-long nap about every other day
-goes to sleep around 8pm, wakes up at 7am

Activities he's done in the past year:
-DU gymnastics class
-Skyline soccer
-YMCA T-ball
-Denver rec swim lessons
-private speech therapy (still struggles with articulation of s-words like "school" and "stop" and including verbs "Mama, you so beautiful!")
-Stephen Knight Center for Early Education preschool (Mr. Bryan Kottke's morning class)
-camping, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, hiking, etc.
-summited Mt. Bierstadt, a 14er!

Places he's visited:
-various places in Colorado (Sand Dunes, Royal Gorge, etc.)
-Holland, Michigan
-Notre Dame, Indiana
-Moab, Utah
-China (Beijing, Nanchang, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong)

Favorite things:
-the color green
-cars, trucks, rockets, tools, pirates, dinosaurs, and sharks
-building forts
-watermelon (and all other fruit)
-movies (especially Aladdin and Peter Pan)
-ice cream, candy, suckers, and popsicles
-the Ghostbusters theme song
-swimming, riding his bike or scooter, playing outside
-going to Wash Park, Denver Zoo, Children's Museum, or Denver Botanic Gardens
-reading books
-dressing up as a policeman or knight
-friends (Caleb, Dylan, Isaiah, Lela) and running around with them after school