Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mother of the Year

On Tuesday, my visit with Shamrock had a bit of a hiccup in the middle of it. It started off great...he procured a little drum from the music lady and wore it around his neck for the rest of the morning. Zack already has plans to buy him a drum set-watch out!

We soon went to the other building and the upstairs playroom, where we had spent a majority of our time on our first visit with him. This time, he was the quintessential toddler. He was everywhere and into everything. Completely without prompting, over the course of about fifteen minutes, he put on Mickey Mouse ears (backwards), a long beaded necklace, a broken princess crown, and dragged a big stuffed cat around. Keep in mind, he also had the drum around his neck and a swollen, bleeding forehead. He looked absolutely ridiculous, but he was smiling and having a grand old time.

So yeah, time to tell the story of the injury... At one point while we were playing, he was trying to grab some papers off the psychologist's desk (she wasn't there). I attempted to distract him with a toy, but when that didn't work, I picked him up, carried him to a little table, and sat him in a chair to play with the blocks we had been building with earlier. He started to get himself out of the chair to go back over to the desk, but the flimsy chair tipped over, and he hit his forehead on the corner of the very sharp and not really kid-friendly kids' table. He cried, but only for about thirty seconds. There was a little cut right between his eyebrows in the middle of his forehead, and it was bleeding. That's right, the very day after I officially became his mommy, he injures himself on my watch. Mother of the Year right here, folks.

Like I said, he quickly stopped crying, and the cut is really only about the length of my pinky fingernail, but I felt so terrible! I took him down to the nurse's office, where she cleaned it and put some iodine stuff on it. He went on with his day like nothing had happened, but every time a new caretaker saw him, comments were made (they weren't mad or anything, thankfully), and I felt ashamed that I "let" my little boy get hurt. I know it's going to happen a million more times in his lifetime, that it's not really my fault, and there will be worse things than a little scratch on his forehead, but it's not exactly the thing you want to have happen on your first day after becoming a mom!

Yesterday, when we headed off to play, one of the caretakers told me to "be careful." Um, yeah, I was. We stayed very far away from that table for sure. Let's just hope I haven't scarred him for life (literally!).


  1. awww it means you are a Mom! It might become a tiny little spot you can commemorate.

  2. Aubree! In Russia we say that " Шрамы украшают мужчину", in English it would sound like " Men with scars are more attractive to women"!