Monday, February 9, 2015

Traveling the Silk Road

A few weeks ago, I spent an afternoon visiting the Denver Museum of Nature and Science because they currently have an exhibit called "Traveling the Silk Road." The country now known as Kyrgyzstan was part of this expansive route that connected China with the rest of Asia, where silk and other goods were traded. Specifically, one of the roads we rode on from Bishkek to Tokmok (where Shamrock's orphanage is) was part of the Silk Road, and the Burana Tower is a remnant from that time. So I figured it'd be worthwhile to take advantage of visiting the exhibit while it's in town and learn more about my boy's homeland.

Unfortunately, the exhibit only really focused on a few major cities along the route, and none of them were in Kyrgyzstan. But, there were live silkworms on display (which was pretty cool), and it was still interesting to learn more about the Silk Road itself. Look at me getting all edu-ma-cated in my free time!

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