Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Little Valentine

I landed in Bishkek early this morning and got to spend a few hours before lunch at the orphanage with Shamrock. He totally remembered me! When I came in, a caretaker was putting his pants back on him after a potty break, but he saw me and had a huge smile on his face. When she was done, he ran over to me and gave me huge hugs around the neck over and over. It was like we hadn't even been separated for seven weeks!

He was super talkative and happy today...smiling, laughing, and saying Russian words that I couldn't understand. However, the caretakers must be showing him the picture book we left, because when I got it out, he pointed to Zack and said "Papa" over and over. So cute! I got a few videos of it to show Zack. 

We started our morning in the group playroom, because the orphanage's heat hasn't been working, and they said that the playroom we usually go to was too cold. I put on the shirt I brought for him that says "Mommy's Little Valentine." I told Zack that he's been replaced by another cute guy this year for Valentine's Day! We mostly colored and flipped through the photo book over and over. Well, actually, Shamrock was more interested in dumping the crayons out of the bag and putting them back into it. I did teach him how to make dots on the paper, and we tried (unsuccessfully) to draw circles. 

After awhile, we went outside, because it was a pretty warm day (about 50 degrees). We played on the swings, I helped him "balance" as he walked atop this concrete square thing, he played with a broom and walked across this wooden bridge thing, and we got tons of mud on our shoes. Time went by way too quickly, so I can't wait to get back there to see him again tomorrow. I'm so happy he remembered me-Happy Valentine's Day!

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