Friday, December 26, 2014

A Fun Snow Day

It snowed last night! Everything was so beautiful on our drive out to Tokmok. There doesn't seem to be any wind here, so even the tiniest of branches had snow piled on them. Gorgeous! Their system of making the roads safer is interesting. They have trucks full of dirt with guys standing in the back. They take a shovelful of it and launch it out into the street. So there are random streaks of dirt all along the snow-covered road. There are also snowplows of sorts that look more like tractors.

We had a really fun visit with our boy today. He was in such a good mood. We think it was because they had just finished up with a Christmas program (with big bubbles and everything) when we got there. He totally recognized us. When we came in, he saw me, and he got off his seat right away and ran (well, his version of running) over to me. So cute! I picked him up and he gave me like four big hugs in a row, totally unprompted!

We went to the playroom, and Zack found a ladder and swing contraption in the corner that we hadn't noticed before. Thankfully, Zack had a good grip on him, because he was all about climbing and hanging and swinging and such. He had the biggest smile on his face the whole time. He also had some fun rolling around on the floor and just being silly. We were all laughing a lot today. We also learned that he knows how to do a fist bump, and Zack got him to say "Papa" (their word for Daddy).

Mary gave us a horse puppet to use with him, and Zack had fun showing him that while he drank his juice box. Cars were a big hit again. Zack grabs a truck and starts pushing it, and our son always immediately goes and finds this huge red car (it's like the size of him) that he pushes around behind his daddy. It's pretty adorable. We worked on fitting shapes into a box again, played some music with the Russian book, knocked over bowling pins, and drank fake tea. We're definitely learning which toys we need to be sure to have for him at home...a bowling set, a kitchen set, and a huge red car!

When we got back to Bishkek, we tried to go to a restaurant recommended by our hotel, but they were having a private party. After wandering around for awhile, we found another recommended one, and we had a delicious meal with some of our favorite traditional Kyrgyz food. Tonight is pretty low-key. We might watch a movie and just go to bed early. Our days in Kyrgyzstan are winding down.