Sunday, December 28, 2014

Horsing Around

On our last night in Kyrgyzstan, we ate at an awesome restaurant named Supara out near the mountains with our driver Aziz and our new friend Mary. It was a great way to celebrate the amazing time we've had in this country. Traditional Kyrgyz food was served in a yurt structure by costumed servers. I was brave and ordered besbarmak, which means "five fingers," because you are supposed to eat it with your hands. It's the national dish of Kyrgyzstan, and it included noodles with mutton and horse. Yup, I ate horse. Horse lovers, don't hate me! It wasn't too bad actually; it kind of just tasted like beef. However, I did not touch the sheep intestines or other unidentifiable things on my plate. Zack tried a bit of that and was not impressed! The chicken and mutton kebobs were delicious, and we all had some good laughs over tea and lepyoshka while trying (or avoiding) new foods.

We're so glad we've gotten to experience some of this unique culture and beautiful land. While certain parts of it remind us of other places we've lived or traveled, in other ways it's unlike any place we've been before. We can't wait to come back!

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