Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve from the Keys...all three of us! We had another great visit with our son this morning. We attempted to read him The Night Before Christmas, but he mostly just wanted to look at the pictures and get back to playing with toys! He continues to love cars, bowling, horsey rides, and playing with pretend food and drink. He also loves real food and drink! Zack bought him a juice box with vitamins at the supermarket this morning, and he slurped it up like it was candy. He also downed a container of yogurt quicker than I could! 

After playing with him for a couple of hours, we had a good meeting with the director of the orphanage (and the translator), and we got some good information on what she knew about his history, health, family, etc. We get a lot of people (friends and family members) who ask us about that information, probably just out of curiosity. The books we've read and trainings we've attended have taught us that this information should be his to share if and when he wants to (when he's older). So please don't ask us about that kind of stuff. We know you're not trying to be rude, and neither are we, but we want to respect his privacy and let him decide what to share for himself. Thanks for understanding.

This evening we were able to meet up with Mary and Zinat again, and we ate dinner at a restaurant called Faiza in Bishkek. It has good authentic Kyrgyz food. We pigged out on tea, lapyoshka (bread), samsy (baked meat dumplings-not in the picture), shashlik (lamb kebobs), and lagman (a noodle dish). It was all delicious, and it was great to spend Christmas Eve with new friends. 

We miss our families, but we're excited about the new family we're starting by meeting our little "Christmas miracle" (as my mom calls him) on this side of the world! 


  1. Your pics are so clever. I appreciate knowing what is ok and not ok to ask. Thanks for sharing that!

    1. The face-hiding ones of him have mostly been by chance/accident, but they work out well for being able to share them on this blog!