Thursday, December 25, 2014

Words Zack Butchers

Okay, this post is all in good fun, because Zack knows how bad he is with remembering names and/or how to say things, and we are cracking up as I'm writing this and we're remembering all of these. I think he finally learned to say Kyrgyzstan correctly right before leaving on this trip. In no particular order, here are the names/words Zack has butchered a few times while in this country:

Burana Tower (the minaret we visited): Braun Tower

Saule (our in-country coordinator): Sonny, Sully, Sooly, etc.

Tsum (the department store): Soon

Piyush (one half of another couple here): Pee-yesh

Plov (the rice dish): Pilaf

Samsa (the baked dumplings): San-sees

Darren (one half of the 3rd couple here): Brandon (sounds like their last name)

Marat (our driver): I don't even remember, but it was wrong

Lagman (the noodle dish): lagma

Zinat (Mary's roommate): Zinaida and several other incorrect things

Song (Darren's wife): Som (which is the currency here)

Faiza (restaurant): Faish

Xenia (translator): Seena

Not to mention the many Russian words he's attempted to pronounce with much difficulty! To his credit, these are not easy words, he's trying, and he's been recovering from a nasty cold, so he's not at 100%. He also gives it his all when we're with our son in the mornings, so that's been wearing him out. Good thing he has me to translate for him and keep him from embarrassing himself too much! :) Love ya, honey!

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