Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Newest Broncos Fan

Yesterday was Monday, and because the Denver Broncos were playing on Monday night in the United States, we decided to introduce our son to the importance of cheering for his (future) home team. He looked adorable in his shirt and cap. We can't show his face, but I think this picture is allowed!

Because we got there later in the morning, after playing in the playroom for a bit, we were allowed to stay with him through lunch. He had a big meal of bean soup, bread, a corn dog type of thing, and potatoes. He stuffed himself full until he couldn't eat anymore. Then we got to play some more. He enjoyed piggyback rides, rolling around on the ground, and airplane rides.

We had a nice long visit with him, and it was so hard to leave. Normally, we leave at lunchtime, and he's hungry, so he easily goes into the room with the other kids. This time, because it was mid-afternoon and the other kids were taking a nap, he didn't want us to go. When the caretaker told him to say bye-bye ("pah-kah, pah-kah"), he turned to her and said it while waving! She had to explain to him that he had to say it to us, not her. So sad! After lots of hugs and kisses, we went into the little hallway area off the main room and shut the door to put on our coats and boots. All of a sudden, we hear this big bang. Our boy had pushed open the door to come out and see us again! It was hilariously adorable and heartbreaking! Zack had to carry him back into the main room, and his caretaker hugged him as we left. I don't know how I'm possibly going to be able to leave him at the end of these ten days. I could barely handle it yesterday, even knowing I would see him the next day!

When we got back to Bishkek, Zack and I ate some American food at a place called the Obama Cafe (ha!). We then did some souvenir shopping on the top floor of Tsum, a huge department store. I was able to get our boy a traditional Kyrgyz outfit that's a bit big, so he can grow into it and use it for several years. It includes a vest, pants, and a kalpak (traditional hat).

In the evening, we had a nice Italian dinner at a restaurant called Fatboy's with the other couples who are here. There was a live violin player and a singer, and they were incredible. Overall, it was another great day. Too bad the Broncos ended up losing!


  1. I love the photo of Zack and your little kiddo =) So sweet!

    1. I love it too. There's a cuter one, but it shows his face. I'll be sure to share it when I can!