Monday, December 8, 2014

First Shopping Trip

I spent the afternoon at the mall doing some Christmas shopping. It was different than any shopping I've done before, because I had a reason to go into some shops I've never been' stores! I spent waaaay too long at Toys "R" Us, but I didn't even buy much there because everything needs to fit inside a suitcase and not have several pieces that will get lost at the orphanage. I did find some stacking cups, toddler blocks, big crayons, and a ball. I also want to get some bubbles and stickers. I bought a few little books, including The Night Before Christmas, so we can start the tradition of reading that to him on Christmas Eve.

I also bought our boy some clothes, including a Broncos outfit, a Colorado outfit, and a Christmas outfit. I'm totally guessing on his size (I bought 2T). Most stuff looks big, but I figure he can grow into it if needed. My favorite find is a shirt that says "Today is My Day," which I think we'll try to put on him the first day we meet him (or maybe on his birthday)! I also made a Build-A-Bear (well, a dog), and put a recording of me saying "Mommy loves you" inside its paw. Speaking of dogs, you might be able to see Molly in the background of the picture. She was extremely jealous that none of the toys I brought home were for her!

While I've been busy shopping, my mom is hard at work making her new grandson his very first blanket! She picked out some awesome wintery material at the store (the picture shows the back) and is sewing it tonight. I can't wait to snuggle him in it. When she was in town for Thanksgiving, Grandma Vickie bought him the cute stuffed zebra you can see in the picture above. He's already getting spoiled by his grandmothers, and he's not even here yet!

It's nice to finally be able to shop for a child and to no longer say we have literally nothing for him. I'm sure there's more shopping to come!


  1. Shopping for little boy clothes is so much fun! I always spend more than I should :). Grandma Dill makes the best blankets!! He is one lucky boy!