Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dolphins on that Special Day

When we got back from Kyrgyzstan, I started wondering about what we were doing on the day our son was born. Was December 23, 2012 even memorable for any reason? Was there any clue that in some other country, our lives were being changed forever, though we wouldn't realize it until two years later? I quickly remembered that we were living in Australia during 2012, and over Christmas and New Year's that year, we were on our two week campervan trip around the South Island of New Zealand. "That's pretty cool," I thought, but when I looked up our itinerary and pictures, I was SO excited to learn that we were swimming with the dolphins in Kaikoura that day. It was one of our top ten life experiences!

I've attached the link to my blog entry about that memorable day, and it includes more pictures and videos. We even have the picture seen here printed and framed on the bathroom wall that our little boy will use (totally random coincidence). I'm so glad that it wasn't just another "ordinary" day and that even though we weren't with him, we can at least tell our son that we remember the day he was born and that it was an amazing and special day!

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  1. How awesome is that! You had a memorable day for a reason. Who would have thought it would all come full circle to your son's birthday! God sure is amazing and always knows the big picture.