Monday, January 26, 2015

Early Birthday Presents

My birthday's not until tomorrow, but I got an early present in the mail from my parents the other day. It's a Willow Tree figurine called "Child of My Heart." It's awesome, because it kind of looks like me holding Shamrock! The poem that goes with it is absolutely perfect as well. Zack looked a little disappointed when he saw it, so I have a hunch that he got me the same one as part of my birthday present. Oh for my room and one for Shamrock's room!

I bought myself an early birthday present as well. I just got done booking my flights and hotel for my second trip to Kyrgyzstan. I'll get there on Valentine's Day, so I told Zack I'm spending the holiday with another boy this year! I've got my eye on a "Mommy's Little Valentine" T-shirt I may need to get for Shamrock before I go. Anyway, there's lots to do, and if all goes smoothly, only 50 more days until we can take our boy out of the orphanage forever!

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