Friday, January 23, 2015

It's Very Very Very Hard to Wait

I'm not sure if my mom was the only one who would sing "It's very very very hard to wait" from the Mr. Rogers show to us when we were kids (and didn't want to wait), but that's the song playing on repeat in my head right now. Alas, we haven't been given a court date yet. Now our agency is telling us that we should know by Tuesday. That's January 27-my birthday-so I guess that would be a good gift to get. But I'm getting pretty impatient! Last night, Zack and I looked through some pictures and videos of our little boy together and reminisced about the adorable things he did. Tonight we'll eat homemade lagman for dinner (I cheated and didn't make the noodles myself). And hopefully in a few days, we'll have some exciting news about the next trip to Kyrgyzstan!



    1. Yeah, I thought about making that video part of the blog entry, but it's not at all how I remembered it! We even changed the word "nice" to "special" somewhere along the way-how did that happen?