Friday, January 30, 2015

Really Real

Well, everything is starting to feel a lot more real. I think it really hit me the other day when I was setting up doctors' appointments, and I had to give our child's name and birthdate to the receptionists. To actually say those things out loud to people on the phone was surreal.

I'm buying various items from Craigslist sellers all over the city, and I've gathered a few things from consignment stores around town. Generous gifts from our registry are showing up each day at our door, and I'm starting to picture Shamrock in our house actually using these things...sleeping on the mattress, sitting at the little table, wearing the clothes, reading the books, etc. It won't be long!

Also, our in-country coordinator sent us three new pictures of our boy the other day. Actually, it was on my birthday (a pretty good present!). She also mentioned that he had said "hello" (in Russian) that day and that everybody was surprised. I guess he doesn't talk a whole lot? Anyway, he already looks older, which makes me sad. His hair is longer, so maybe that's all it is. I hope so!

In just about two weeks, I'll be in Kyrgyzstan again visiting our little boy and making him officially part of our family. I can't wait!

P.S. For those who wondered, Zack did not get me the same Willow Tree statue for my birthday. It was a different, yet still perfect, one with a mother and child (picture now added!).

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