Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Drive Through Kyrgyzstan

I've already mentioned that while in Kyrgyzstan, we had a few extra days between embassy appointments, so we took a family vacation to a lake. Here's what Jonas looked like on our drive to Lake Issyk-Kul.

And here's what he looked like on the way back to Bishkek.

So I took plenty of pictures of the beautiful scenery so that someday in the future Jonas can see what he missed out on. It was about four hours each way to get to the lake, and we hired a driver through a travel agency called Kyrgyz Concept to take us there and back. I thought you all might enjoy the pictures as well!

Several hills had these types of designs and words. I'm not sure what it was about.
Our driver had to stop a few times for various sheep and cow crossings.

This guy was wrangling his stray cow off the road. His dog was going crazy!
The mountains are so huge. This is outside of Tokmok, the town where Jonas's orphanage was located.

Yeah, this view will do. Reminds me of Colorado!
So many sheep! One of these days I'll get a video attached of Jonas saying "baaa," because it's adorable.
The beautiful blue Lake Issyk-Kul with mountains in the background and sheep in the foreground (of course). Lots more pictures of us actually at the lake are on their way in a future post!

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