Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Sunday Morning Shower

I met my friend Emily at a Meetup book club gathering while we were living in Melbourne, Australia. When I heard her American accent, I asked where she was from. Surprise-Denver! Zack and I hung out with her and her husband Adam lots during our time abroad. Now we're all back in Denver, and Emily was kind enough to throw me an adoption shower this weekend while my mom was in town. Here are my mom and I before leaving for the shower (the baby balloon is from the MPB shower).
Emily went all out with the Kyrgyz decorations-it was awesome. Red and yellow (the colors on the Kyrgyz flag), words like "mom" and "family" translated into Kyrgyz hanging from the ceiling, questions for attendees to answer (how many can you get correct?), shamrock cookies, etc. She also had everyone write and bring advice for me, so we read some of those touching comments.

We had a delicious breakfast with an egg dish, fruit, and white chocolate raspberry cake. Oh yeah, and mimosas. So yummy! Emily and I are posing here with some of the spread. Thanks to Laurie and Alena for contributing to the deliciousness.
My girlfriends gave such thoughtful and generous presents. Shamrock got some awesome new clothes, books, toys, and more. Here I am wearing one present (a shirt that says "I'm Not Pregnant but I am Expecting") opening a shamrock shirt for him that says "Mom's Lucky Charm"! 

My mom made two special blankets for him (one large, one small) that perfectly match his bedroom-colors and chevron pattern and all!
I feel so lucky to have such sweet friends to support me through this adoption journey. A special thanks to Emily for organizing, decorating, cooking, and hosting a super special shower. It meant so much to me, and just looking back through the pictures (thanks for those, Katy) makes me smile. What a wonderful Sunday morning!


  1. It was such a beautiful celebration! Thanks again, Emily, for changing the shower to Sunday after my cancelled flight so that I could attend and be with all of Aubree's beautiful and supportive friends.

  2. You are so sweet! I had such a fun time organizing this and can't think of any two people that will be better parents than you two! Sue, I'm so glad it worked out to have it on Sunday so you could join us! It was so great to see you. Can't wait to meet your little Shamrock!