Friday, March 27, 2015

Our Little Swimmer

I've got fifteen minutes out here in the lobby where the internet actually works to do a post while Jonas naps and before we leave for the embassy, so I thought I'd share some pictures from the pool at the Karven Four Seasons (no relation to the real Four Seasons!), where we stayed on Lake Issyk-Kul.

We didn't know how Jonas was going to do with swimming, so we started out slow with sitting on the edge, kicking our legs, and one of us going in while the other sat on the edge with him.
After a few minutes, he seemed interested in going to get the stacking cups that Zack was throwing into the pool, so I'd carry him over to get them, slowly lowering him into the water. He wouldn't mind at first and then would start panicking, so I'd put him back on the edge.
After a few more times of doing that, he was totally comfortable being held completely in the water. We chased down the cups that Zack would throw to the end of the pool, splashed a lot, blew bubbles, and overall had a blast. When we went back on the second day, he got in rather quickly and had another great time splashing around. I think he would have a blast in a place that had an actual kids' pool.

Jonas's favorite thing to do was make a big splash with either his hands or the cups. Zack got several attractive shots of my face after being splashed. This is the only one I'm willing to share publicly, because he has a funny face as well.

Our hotel here in Almaty has a pool too, but children aren't allowed into the spa area (where it's located). Major bummer. But we're so glad Jonas loved his first time swimming, and we can't wait to take him again!

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