Sunday, March 29, 2015

Up with the Sun (Not Son)

Well, I'm up early with jet lag, so I'm enjoying the sunrise with a cup of tea and my computer. Zack and Jonas are still asleep downstairs, so I'm taking advantage of the quiet to get some blogging done.

We are home! It feels so amazing to be here and be done with the whole process. Jonas slept for almost the entire last flight. Overall, he handled our 30 hour (Zack timed it from our hotel door in Kazakhstan to our door at home!) travel extravaganza like a champ. He had a few meltdowns on the long flight, but the poor kid missed his nap and just didn't want to fall asleep. I'll do a blog entry later on how we survived.

Anyway, we made it to Denver. All of our flights were on time, we got all our luggage, and we drove our little boy home. He was singing little made-up songs in his car seat and "ooooo-ing" at things out the window on the drive before he cried for a minute and passed out.

When we got home, we gave Jonas a little tour of the house. He LOVED his room. I don't think he quite understands yet that it's all for him, but he had no problem getting right into his toy box and exploring all the toys. After our first meal together at home (HUGE thanks to Emily and her family for surprising us with a home-cooked meal left in the fridge and cookies and presents on the counter!), we got ready for bed and all passed out.

So many more blog entries to come about our days at the lake, simple pleasures that Jonas enjoys, things we've learned about our boy, our time in Almaty, etc. And today we pick up Molly, so we'll see how that goes. Stay tuned!


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  2. What a joy! We're so glad you're home safe and we're excited to meet Jonas! How fun to hear of his first impression of his room! I bet it will make him smile many days in a row!!

  3. Looking forward to meeting him in person this weekend.