Sunday, March 29, 2015

First Day in Denver

I'd say Jonas had a pretty good first day in Denver. Here's a peek at some of the things he did, starting with playtime in his pajamas after breakfast.

He rode his little red bike down the sidewalk,

played at Washington Park (just with us-trying not to overstimulate him),

got a little more comfortable with the idea of our dog Molly,

tried out the new stroller in the Colorado sunshine,

and took a toy-filled bath.

Jonas is slowly warming up to the idea of Molly. He was actually really interested in her when she first came home and even pet her after Zack showed him how, but then he freaked out a bit. He wanted held (up away from her) for most of the rest of the day, but he did help with getting her food and was okay with her walking around underneath him while he ate. There was some brief screaming/crying when she got too close or licked him on a couple of instances, but otherwise he just kept an eye on her and stayed away. Jonas did really well in the stroller with Molly walking beside him, and he loved holding her leash from there or up in Zack's arms. I think he liked the idea that he was in control of her!

Molly was amazing. Normally with visitors, she's overly excited and has to smell them, lick them, and just be all up in their faces demanding attention. But she seemed to understand that Jonas was different. She was completely calm, kept her distance, moved slowly, and didn't try any funny business. I was so proud of her. I know Jonas and Molly will eventually be best friends (Molly's already enjoying his dropped food scraps!), but our little boy's whole world has been turned upside down, so we understand if it takes some time. Tomorrow we visit the pediatrician!

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