Friday, March 20, 2015

Our Little Kyrgyz Cutie

Yesterday morning, we visited the US Embassy in Bishkek. Zack, Jonas, and I had a short interview there in order to finalize some immigration paperwork. Jonas charmed all the embassy workers, waving and smiling, and several of them commented on how happy and well-adjusted he seems already. That was good to hear! I think his cute sweater vest outfit helped his cause.

Jonas has his very own Kyrgyz passport, which he'll get to keep as long as we keep it updated. He'll become a US citizen as well upon landing in Los Angeles next week, and we can apply for his US passport after getting his citizenship papers in the mail.
We had a great afternoon together, after the much-needed nap time. Jonas was in a super-good mood, babbling and laughing and being silly. We had so much fun with him.
Zack played him some ukulele tunes and let him strum a bit. Of course, he has the attention span of a two-year-old, so that didn't last long. And if you're wondering why our kid is always running around in just his diaper on the bottom, well, it makes changing him easier, and after a lifetime in the orphanage of having to wear tights, two pairs of pants, and socks on top of shoes on top of socks (seriously), we figure his legs and feet need to breathe!

It started to rain after nap time, so we were stuck inside the hotel room. So we introduced Jonas to the very necessary kid skill of fort-making! After moving some chairs, suitcases, and blankets, we had a pretty cool tunnel and fort.

Jonas had a fun time playing with his stacking cups in there and crawling from one side to the other. We crawled in there with him and quickly realized how much harder and more uncomfortable it is to play in forts once you're in your mid-thirties!

After another ordered-in dinner of lagman from Faiza, it was off to bed after another wonderful day with our son. He was as tired as we were, and we all passed out quickly after one last reading of his farm book, complete with animal sounds provided by him. He loves to "arf" like a dog, which we hope is a good sign for when he has to meet Molly!

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