Saturday, May 23, 2015

Awesome Orlando

Zack had a work conference in Orlando this week, so Jonas and I tagged along. We weren't there to do the normal Disney stuff, because he's two, won't remember it anyway, can't ride a lot of the rides, and it'd be way too overwhelming for him. But we were still able to have a lot of fun. Our hotel, the Wyndham Grand, was on the Disney complex, so we got to take advantage of a lot of the amenities.

We spent most mornings at the pool. Jonas loves the water as much as ever. To try to protect his incision, we put a shower cap under his helmet. He looked kind of funny, but it worked pretty well. Jonas loved blowing bubbles in the water, jumping off the edge of the pool, and just paddling around.

We were on the tenth floor, and our balcony overlooked the pool and a lake. Jonas got to practice saying "up" and "down" a lot as we rode the elevator, and he made lots of friends by saying "hi" and "bye bye" to other conference attendees and hotel staff.
We could see the nightly fireworks over Epcot Center and Magic Kingdom from our balcony, so that was cool. Jonas liked saying "boom" and "more" as he watched.
I'll have some other posts about how else we spent our time in Orlando, but it sure was nice to have some days of sun and heat, since Denver has been so rainy!

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