Saturday, May 23, 2015

Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney is a free area where you can wander among shops and restaurants and a few little rides. We went there one evening for dinner and fun. The main attraction for Jonas was this huge balloon. At all times, he had to know where it was in the sky. He would say "balloon" (sounds like "baboo") and look around frantically until he saw it. We just had to take him for a ride in it. He wasn't scared at all, even though it went about 300 feet in the air. We enjoyed the views, while he enjoyed saying "up," "down," and "more."
The Lego Store was another favorite. Jonas got to see and touch all sorts of characters made out of Legos and build with some Legos too.

We ate dinner at Raglan Road, an Irish pub. Jonas loved listening to the live music and watching the dancers. He even got to do a little dancing himself! Later on, while we ate our Ghirardelli ice cream sundae, Jonas "entered" a dance contest for kids that was happening at an outdoor stage. He made it past the first round with his Irish "step dancing," which consists of him kicking his leg up and clapping his hands underneath it. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of that, because we think that's where Zack left his phone (and where it got stolen), because we couldn't find it soon afterward on our way home, and it went from ringing to going straight to voicemail (and it wasn't low on battery). And no luck with Lost and Found. Boooooo!
And of course we had to go in the main Disney store. Jonas tried on all sorts of hats and ears, and Zack bought him a 2015 stuffed Mickey as a souvenir.
Jonas just HAD to go on the carousel. For $2, we couldn't say no! I think he actually rode it three times, waving and smiling with each go-around.
There was also a little train ride, and since Jonas is starting to love trains and saying "choo-choo," I took him on that as well.
Jonas also enjoyed playing in the water fountain and getting soaking wet. There was lots of free or cheap fun to be had at Downtown Disney. Other than the phone loss, we had a great evening together.

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