Saturday, May 23, 2015

Two Month Report

We were traveling to Orlando on May 17, so I never got the chance to write a two month report post. Here it is!

Favorite Foods:
-fruit (especially grapes, strawberries, and bananas)
-macaroni and cheese
-hot dogs
-juice and smoothies (that's how we get the vegetables in him!)

Foods Jonas Dislikes:
-pretty much anything not listed above

English Words Jonas Knows (since last month):
-clean up
-help me
-choo choo

Favorite Things to Do:
-chase birds and squirrels
-point out and pet dogs
-copy what older kids do
-anything related to music/instruments
-climb things

-nap is only about 75 minutes now
-only about 10% potty trained right now (we've let it go-he's not interested)
-says "no no" and shakes finger at things he's not allowed to touch
-only sucks his thumb at night or when really scared (now sticks all fingers in his mouth when mad)
-says "hi" and then "bye bye" to everyone in sight multiple times
-points to items he recognizes in books or on screens and then points to the real-life object (like lamps, airplanes, dogs, etc.)

Habits We Are Working on Breaking:
-saying "no" to everything
-whining to be picked up
-hugging anyone who will let him, including complete strangers (still)
-sometimes having a meltdown when he doesn't get what he wants or has to wait

Our Favorite Things About Jonas:
-he calls us Mama and Dada now
-spontaneous kisses at random times of the day
-the helmet that earns him extra smiles from strangers and keeps his head protected
-how eager he is to learn and how proud he is to show what he knows
-that it feels like he's been part of our family forever!

He still wears the same size clothes, and I don't think he's actually gotten much bigger, but sometimes he looks taller or chubbier, and he may actually be at the 25 pound mark now. We love you little Jonas!

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