Friday, May 22, 2015

Last Life Lately

I promise I'm going to quit this blog. Soon. I really just need to take some pictures of Jonas's room, because I want to have a post showing that, and then I'll be done. In the meanwhile, here's a last "Life Lately" post, and then I'll do a few about our time in Orlando (that's where we've been for the past week) and other random things before quitting for good.

In no particular order, here's what Jonas has been up to lately:

We visited Zack at work for lunch one day and checked out his office. If I could caption this shot, it'd say "C'mon people, I told you I needed those reports an hour ago!"
Jonas sleeps in some odd positions. We've found him upside down, completely sideways, half hanging off the bed, covers almost always off, etc. This "touchdown" position is probably the most normal position we've found him in!
Jonas loves playing at Wash Park. I'm so glad it's only four blocks away from our house.
We've had a few follow-up appointments at Children's Hospital. Jonas now recognizes the campus and looks for this bear statue, where he always makes the cutest growling sound and puts his arms up in the air.
A few days after our Mother's Day snow, it was 75 degrees outside, and Jonas said goodbye to what was left of his snowman.

Zack found this hat of his and put it on Jonas the other day. Super cute!
Jonas's new favorite hobby is chasing birds. Seriously-he could do it for hours. Too bad they always fly away!
We spent an afternoon at the Five Points Jazz Fest. Jonas got to try cotton candy for the first time. He thought the texture was weird and didn't eat much of it.
He also got to try out some stilts. Hey, as long as he has his helmet on, I don't care what he tries!

Jonas has gone to lots of library story/craft times, another music class, and some playdates with friends. It's funny to see him interact with other toddlers. He often likes to copy what older kids do and usually finds one or two toys that he "takes over" and doesn't want to share!
Jonas is my little buddy, as we do most everything together nowadays. The other morning after dropping Zack off at the bus station to go to Boulder for work, we went to Union Station and had a "date." We shared donut holes, and I had a chai latte while he enjoyed a chocolate milk. We have lots of good times together!

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