Saturday, May 9, 2015

What We Do

Okay, we feel like we live in Seattle. It's been raining for days in Denver, and this is SO not normal. We're all kind of going crazy. Here's how we've tried to keep sane...

Jonas has enjoyed watching basketball (another word he's learned) with his daddy.
He also has liked taking Molly for "walks" inside the house.
Here's Jonas trying on Mommy's shoes.
We've been waking up early with Zack for work, so the other morning, Jonas fell back asleep on me in our back room for about an hour. I just watched The Today Show and enjoyed the extra cuddles.

I'm not sure what Jonas is doing here. This was after breakfast this morning between pajamas and getting dressed.

Today we met up with our friends Emily and Adam and their son Graham at the mall to let the boys run around in the play area. Jonas had a blast climbing everything, going down the slide, and as you can see from the picture below, hanging with the ladies! And now the rain has turned to snow...

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