Thursday, May 7, 2015

Rain Dance

We've had some unusually cloudy and rainy days here in Denver lately. But Molly still needs to be walked, and we were getting cabin fever, so Jonas and I went for a walk in the rain the other day.

The fun started when Jonas decided to try splashing. He walked through a little puddle first. That got his shoes wet, along with the bottom of his pants.

The rain started coming down harder, and at that point, I had given up on trying to keep either one of us dry. So I let Jonas go hog wild in the puddles. He found the widest and deepest ones and ran through them over and over and had a blast. His pants were soaking wet above the knee. I had fun just watching his joy.
I honestly don't think Jonas has ever felt rain before. There's no way the caretakers brought the kids outside in the rain at the orphanage. When we got back home after our splash session, I stood under the patio roof, but Jonas just stood out in the rain holding his hands up to the sky and feeling the drops.
After bringing his bike out in the rain, playing with the gushing gutters, and eating a snack on the patio, Jonas could finally be convinced to come back inside to take a warm bath and put on dry clothes. I'm so glad I didn't try to stifle his desire to jump in the puddles, because we both had an awesome afternoon in the rain.

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