Friday, May 1, 2015

Garden and Grandpa

The other night, Zack worked on the landscaping for our parkway strip. Jonas "helped" by throwing some of the weeds into the wheelbarrow. He got bored with that after about one minute and played with his chalk instead. So I put him in the wheelbarrow for a picture.

Here's Jonas answering the question, "How big is Jonas?" Answer: "So big!" This was before we got him a protective helmet that fits a lot better.

My dad was in California for work, so on his way back to Michigan yesterday, he scheduled a long layover in Denver so he could come visit us.

He's recently learned how to make balloon animals, so he made Jonas all sorts of fun creations. He's even working on perfecting the shamrock!

The weather was gorgeous, so we all went to the zoo for a few hours. Jonas enjoyed it more this time. He especially liked the elephants!

So, some good times lately with Grandpa and the garden. Zack starts his new job Monday, so it's our last weekend before "real life" starts for us all!

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