Wednesday, May 6, 2015

More Life Lately

Yup, another blog entry where I post some random pictures and talk about what we've been up to lately...

Jonas and I went to the Furry Scurry (a huge dog walk/event) at Wash Park on Saturday. Molly got lots of treats and took second place in the "Best Trick Contest" with her ability to "count." In this picture, Jonas is watching the dog racing demonstrations.

Zack took Jonas on a Daddy-son coffee outing and then to the park to play on Sunday morning so Mommy could have some time to herself to relax (or do laundry).
We had Jonas's mattress on the ground next to our bed, but he was always playing games with kicking his legs over the edge and such when we were trying to get him to go to sleep. He also moves around a lot, so he often ended up on the ground. Now we've got his entire toddler bed downstairs next to us, and things seem to be going more smoothly. He often ends up upside down, but he's only been found on the ground once. And we don't care if he kicks his legs all over the place, as long as he doesn't get out of bed.

Jonas has really been getting along with Molly well lately. He puts hats on her, tries to play doctor with her, gives her spontaneous hugs, and sits on her sometimes. She's a great sport through it all, and I think they'll have lots of fun together in the future.
I've been taking Jonas to some library story times and craft sessions. We also tried out a free Kindermusik class, but to be honest, the library programs have been better (and they are always free!). The kids sing songs, move around, play some music, listen to a book, watch a puppet show, and make a craft to take home. Jonas made a lion puppet yesterday, and today he painted with Q-tips. Yesterday, Jonas was a little too quiet in his room while I was preparing dinner. I peeked in, prepared to see something disastrous, but instead saw my little guy had crawled into the rocking chair and was reading a book all by himself! Melted my heart. This is a big deal for a kid who I don't think had ever had a book read to him before. Guess those library visits are paying off!

Lots of people have asked about Jonas's helmet. He only has to wear it when he's up and running around (so not when he's sleeping or in the stroller or being held and stuff). He'll only have to wear it for about six weeks total, just so he doesn't bang his head during the initial healing process. It's not the kind that shapes his head; it's just protective foam. Unfortunately, it makes his head kind of sweaty, but he doesn't mind wearing it, and we feel a lot safer when he has it on. It's been funny to see what kinds of reactions he gets when we're out and about. Most people just smile. One lady asked if he had febrile seizures. Kids at the library story times we've been attending just think he forgot to take his bike helmet off!

So that's what we've been up to lately, along with playing music and playing in the rain, but those will be other posts.

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