Wednesday, May 6, 2015

More Music

Jonas continues to love music. He asks to go in the music room and bang around on the full-size keyboard almost every morning. His toy piano just won't do!

Jonas also loves to sit on Zack's guitar stool and admire (and try to touch) his guitars and pedals and music.
Jonas still likes his toy instruments too. At least once a day he has to play his trumpet. And he's figured out how to be silly with his see-through drum top too!
If the video below actually works, you can get a taste of our boy's personality and musical skills. Enjoy!


  1. Aubree, you should try a Music Together class. I have found them to be much better than kindermusic. I know main place is in the highlands but they had one up north too and maybe other places if you really wanted a good music class.

    1. I've heard those are great and plan on going with my friend to one soon!