Tuesday, May 12, 2015

There's Snow Day Like Mother's Day

I finally got to celebrate Mother's Day! Though it's currently 70 degrees in Denver, on Sunday we woke up to this.

So we went to brunch at Lucile's. We had to wait over an hour for a table, but that place is always worth it. Jonas enjoyed sharing my chai latte during the wait.

When we got home, we went outside to play in the quickly melting snow. Our poor son doesn't even own boots or gloves, as we didn't see the point in buying him winter gear that might not fit next season since he was adopted in spring. So we put double pants and socks on him, a heavy coat and vest, and let him wear our big mittens to build his first snowman. It was a pretty pathetic snowman, but Jonas had fun practicing his new word ("snow"), rolling around in it, and eating it.

Zack did all the diaper changes on Mother's Day-woohoo! He also kept Jonas entertained with playing in the music room, reading books, watching basketball, and making him laugh with "This Little Piggy" (seen in the picture). He had Jonas help sign a really nice card, and I did a craft with my boy to preserve his handprint in an ornament.
Jonas also made it all the way through church without having to go to the cry room! Not that he ever cries, but he gets so crazy sometimes and wants to leave the pews (and yells if you won't let him) that we have always had to head to the cry room partway through Mass. I guess him making it the whole way through was his present to me!

Mother's Day used to be a holiday I dreaded. Now I'm grateful I have a reason to celebrate! Here are my two "babies" looking cute as can be. Lucky me!


  1. What a true blessing!! Happy Mother's Day :)

  2. He is so adorable! Thanks for sharing!