Friday, April 24, 2015

A Hard Day's Night

Jonas is doing pretty well, considering what he's been through. Last night was tough for all of us. He wanted held, and because various things were being done to him throughout the night (blood pressure checks, IV checks, drain emptying, blood count checks, administering medicine, etc.), sleeping wasn't really an option. I held him in the lounge chair, and because Jonas never knew if the people coming in were there to hurt him or not, he started whimpering whenever somebody entered the room. I probably got just over an hour of sleep. He probably only got a few hours more than that.

Today was overall a good day. With Tylenol and Oxycodone, Jonas didn't seem to be in much pain. I think he was hurting this morning before that got in his system. After the medicine kicked in, he sat up for awhile watching cartoons, eating Kix, and playing Zack's ukulele. He slept a fair amount off and on throughout the day, and he still didn't like it when various people came in to check on things, but he smiled some and talked a little. We're starting to see his personality shine through at times. He ate applesauce and ice cream this morning, but then he threw up a banana all over Zack (I got peed on, so we're kind of even!). He drank some chocolate milk and ate part of a tangerine and some watermelon, but otherwise, the Oxycodone seems to make his appetite disappear. Zack went home for a few hours this morning to take care of Molly, and then I was able to take a nap this afternoon before going home for a bit to feed and walk Molly tonight. Otherwise, we're pretty much holding our little guy and trying to keep him happy and comfortable.

Our surgeons came in earlier to see how Jonas was doing. They say his swelling is better than expected right now, but it will probably get worse before it gets better. We're happy that his eyes haven't swollen shut (yet). He was able to have his IV unhooked for most of the day, since he was eating, but it's back in for the night, and he has a bit of a fever tonight. He should be able to get his drain out tomorrow morning, and it sounds like we'll be going home on Sunday or Monday. They dropped off the helmet he'll have to wear, which looks a blue foam hockey helmet!

I can't believe Jonas's surgery was just last night; it feels like we've been at the hospital for a week! It was so weird to drive home tonight and see normal life going on outside of this building. It's strange to think of people going to school and work and everything while our whole lives are here in this one room. It's also really strange to be in a hospital overnight, as any surgery I've had was one where I got to go home that day. I can't imagine being one of the families whose child has to be here for weeks or months. We are lucky that we'll be going home in just a few days.

Here was my view earlier today when I woke up from my nap. Zack was holding Jonas, and they were watching the movie Frozen. Jonas was holding a blue stuffed dog that our friends Paige and Jeff had delivered to his room (thanks guys!), and in the wagon was a huge gift basket full of snacks sent by Zack's new company. Yep, he'll be starting a new job on May 1, working for Colorado University-Denver. He's had ten wonderful years at Accenture (they've been great to us in so many ways), but the opportunity to not have to work out of state every week will be awesome for our family. The fact that CU is sending a gift basket to us before Zack's even started there makes us feel really good about the company he's joining. And the timing of his starting there worked out perfectly with his adoption leave and Jonas's surgery.

Anyway, Jonas is sleeping peacefully now on Zack's lap, but I'll be switching with him soon, so I should go. Hopefully the healing continues to go well. Thanks to everyone for their caring e-mails, messages, posts, texts, calls, prayers, etc. We love how everyone is rooting for Jonas to get well soon!

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  1. You capture so well the feeling of being in another world when staying in the hospital and caring for someone...then driving in the car going home, the amazement that the world is still going's one of those time capsule things, like those long seconds before having a car accident...I remember this feeling well coming home from the hospital with Scott. Good news is you'll be out in that world soon! Love to all.