Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Cutest Cousins

Over Easter weekend, Jonas got to meet his first cousin, Bryce Dill. Even though Jonas is almost exactly a year older than Bryce, he's not that much taller, and Bryce actually weighs more than Jonas. So they were the perfect size to be playmates, and they had a blast together. Here's just a sampling of the fun things they did...

They played ball together. They would actually throw or roll the ball to each other.

They ate snacks together. Though the second picture is blurry, I love how Jonas is trying to share his food with Bryce, who is just laughing at him.

 They got horsey rides together on Uncle Justin's knees.

They got books read to them by Grandma Dill.
Jonas pushed Bryce on this rolling rocket ship ride-on toy back and forth across the kitchen.

They shot some hoops together.
And they collected Easter eggs together.

Jonas was pleased as punch to have a friend to play with for the weekend. And he was so sweet with Bryce. He shared his toys and food with him, helped him do the things he didn't know how to do, held his hand and hugged him without prompting, and just treated him so kindly. It was neat to see how our son acted around a new kid on "his turf." 

It stinks that Bryce lives so far away in Michigan, but I'm sure we'll find ways for these two to get together plenty of times in the future.
Jonas misses you Bryce-come back soon cousin!

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  1. I foresee at lot of trips to get these two together! They just might be the two cutest boys ever!!!