Thursday, April 9, 2015

Our First Easter

One of the best parts about having a kiddo in the house after so many years is the ability to really celebrate the holidays. There are some fun things you just can't do without a child around. Easter was no exception. I broke out the fingerpaints so Jonas could decorate some construction paper eggs to hang on our walls. He also helped me put up Easter Stikees on the windows.

I had a lot of fun filling his Easter basket with toys, treats, a book, and a game.

Here is Jonas in the morning wondering where his Easter basket is hidden, not noticing the very obvious large lump on his bed!
After we pointed out the lump, he was excited to look underneath the blanket.
What was the first thing he pulled out of the basket? The tangerine! Forget the toys and candy-this boy loves his fruit!

This is Jonas literally running in place with joy while Zack opens his tangerine for him. His other favorite item in his Easter basket was a toy phone from my Aunt Jane. He's been on it nonstop since Easter morning!

Later in the day, Jonas got to do an Easter egg hunt in the front yard with his cousin Bryce. He was pretty good about putting the eggs in the basket until he lost interest and wanted to play with his new chalk toy instead.

It was awesome to be able to start new traditions with our little family and show Jonas some of the fun aspects of celebrating the holidays. Some day we'll be able to really hide that basket, and he won't be able to fit inside it anymore! 

"Hoppy Easter" from our sweet little bunny to you and your family. Hope it was a good one!

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