Sunday, April 26, 2015

Home Sweet Home

We're home! Jonas got to bust out of the hospital at about noon today, less than three days after surgery. That's a much shorter stay than any of us expected! He just took a nice long nap but woke up with a fever of 103 degrees, so we forced him to take his Tylenol and Motrin a bit ago, and now he's down to 102 (101 by the time I finished this blog post). We're all trying to relax on the couch, watching The LEGO Movie.

Jonas was definitely ready to go home. He had a lot of chocolate milk this morning and a little bit of food, took a bath, and ran around the hospital with his big blue helmet and a lot of personality. His eyes are even more swollen today, probably because he slept in his hospital bed instead of my lap. Even though he was elevated, it wasn't the same. But they still never swelled shut! We all got more sleep last night, because the nurses only had to come in every few hours, which was nice. Someone from the neurosurgery team came by to check him out this morning and said he was ready to go. Woohoo! Here he is looking out the window from his sixth floor room.

So now the real healing begins. So far, Jonas doesn't seem to mind wearing his helmet. It's too big for him, but the one that was the right size was only available in pink! The blue ones are back-ordered, so they put some foam pieces in the one he's wearing to make it fit better. He has to wear it any time he's up and walking around. I'm glad, because he's always bonking his head. Here he is having fun destroying the balloon Zack bought for him.

So as it's singing in the movie we're watching, "Everything is awesome!" We're home, surgery went well, and Jonas is on the mend. But after this guy came to Jonas's hospital room this morning, we learned one more thing about our boy. He's not a fan of clowns!


  1. Yay!!! Happy you are home!

  2. The clown looks kind of creepy to me. I'm with Jonas: NO CLOWNS!

  3. Clowns should not have facial hair.

  4. That clown would scare anyone. No thank you.

  5. That is a creepy looking clown. So glad you made it home~