Monday, April 20, 2015

Life Lately Again

This is just another picture post to show what we've been up to lately with Jonas. We're trying to pack as much fun in as possible before the dreaded surgery on Thursday.

Jonas and I made some play dough the other day. He liked measuring out the flour and stirring everything together. And he looked super stylish doing it in his warm sweater.
Jonas only played with the play dough for about five minutes before he got bored, even though I pulled out cookie cutters and showed him how it was okay to smash/pound it and everything. Oh well.
Jonas learned to kick a soccer ball at the park this weekend. At first he kept trying to pick it up with his hands, but he eventually got the hang of it. He's definitely right-footed, and he's definitely more interested in running away down the path or toward geese than playing soccer. Note Molly's tail doing a photobomb!

Jonas wanted to chill on the porch swing after riding his bike out front today. He was okay with Molly chilling next to him. Actually he gave her a big hug right after this picture was taken.

Here's Jonas standing on Molly's bed out back, doing his classic "What was that?" pose. He had just heard some other dogs barking down the street, and he wondered where the sound was coming from.

Then he decided to climb over Molly to get off her bed. In case it's not obvious, Jonas is totally digging Molly now. Since he's learned how to say "eye" and "nose," poor Molly gets her eyes poked a lot as he proudly demonstrates his knowledge by pointing them out on her. She handles it well.
This doesn't break any child labor laws, right? Jonas totally loved vacuuming this afternoon. He even got mad when I tried to take the vacuum back from him! He's also a huge fan of throwing clothes into the laundry machine and trash into the garbage can. Hooray for having a little helper!

This picture is from last week when we were at one of Jonas's many doctor appointments. He's seeing all sorts of specialists before his surgery, so he's gotten very used to waiting rooms, screening stickers (that blue apple on him), hospital bracelets, and being examined. And check out that pose he does with his hands! They totally must have taught him that at the orphanage, because anytime he realizes I'm taking a picture of him, that's what he does.
And this is after an hour of waiting for the doctor, when we were both starting to lose our minds (Mommy more than Jonas, probably!). So we took silly selfies and tried to be patient. 
Two more days of fun before surgery day. I've been giving his pointy little head lots of extra rubs and kisses!

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