Saturday, April 4, 2015

Meeting the Family

Jonas met some of his family this weekend! My parents, brother Justin and sister-in-law Cindy (and their son Bryce), and my sister Morgan, along with Zack's dad and stepmom are all in town for his baptism on Easter Sunday. It didn't take long for Jonas to warm up to these new friends.

We didn't know how Jonas was going to do with visitors in the house, especially another little boy, but he's been amazing. He's been giving out hugs and kisses and having a blast playing with everyone. There have been lots of big smiles and giggles. He's also gotten some new clothes and toys, so he's having a good ol' time.

Here's just a sampling of the smiles that have been shared so far...

Reading time with Grandpa Keys
Meeting Grandpa Dill
Grandma Dill with her two grandsons Bryce and Jonas
Wrestle time with Uncle Justin
Stacking cups with Mimi (Grandma Keys)
Kisses for Aunt Morgan (ignore the unfinished wallpaper border-apparently I can't measure correctly)

Jonas has been especially cute and sweet with his cousin Bryce. I'm going to do a separate blog post sharing pictures of the two of them, but I'll wait until after tomorrow, because I'm sure we'll get some more adorable ones of them together on Easter. I'm so glad Jonas has fallen in love with his family so quickly and easily, and I think they've fallen in love with him too!