Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Wet Weekend

The weather wasn't the greatest in Denver this weekend, so on Saturday morning we took Jonas to an indoor pool at a recreation center. Though he loves baths and enjoyed the two times he went swimming in Kyrgyzstan, we weren't sure how he would do in a chaotic, kid-filled pool.

Well, he LOVED it. He walked right in and didn't stop playing until we left an hour and a half later for lunchtime. He went down the slide, threw balls, blew bubbles, splashed around, and floated in the lazy river. Going underwater didn't scare him, getting splashed by spray fountains didn't bother him, and he eventually waved us off from even helping him with the water slide-he wanted to do it by himself! We'll definitely be visiting more pools with this boy. I'm looking forward to summer when we can take Jonas swimming outdoors!


  1. Can't wait till the day he gets to try out our pool, with us and perhaps his cousins!