Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Grin and Bear It

Jonas wore his "Bear Hug" shirt today in honor of going to the zoo for the first time.

At the start of our visit, he was a big fan of all of the animals. He got close to a zebra, giraffes, a tiger, had fun climbing things, saw a sea lion show, etc.

Then Jonas got tired. Or hot? Or hungry? We're not sure, but he passed out on the way home, so we think he was tired (and we tried giving him a snack and taking off his coat with no success). Basically, he didn't want to see any more animals. He waved his hand dismissively at every exhibit, declared "no," and looked away.

It was kind of amusing, because sometimes you could tell that he actually was interested in the animals, and he'd look and start to point, but then he'd remember he was "not interested" and start waving his hand and "crying." He was a little happier when we let him out of the stroller to run around, but we didn't stay much longer after he had had enough. But we did manage to get our picture with the bear to match his shirt!

I bought a year-long membership, so let's hope Jonas likes the zoo a bit better next time, because we'll be back!

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