Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cake and Presents

While the newly baptized Jonas took a nap, the rest of us had a big brunch feast after Mass on Easter Sunday.
When Jonas woke up, it was time for cake! We had a confetti cake with whipped frosting that said "God Bless Jonas."
Then he got to open some presents. Here he is with some gifts from his godparents. The lamb has shamrocks on it and says the "Our Father" and an Irish blessing when you press its foot. It even has a name tag personalized with "Shamrock."
As you can see, Jonas didn't like the cake at all-ha! This is that smile we were missing in church earlier in the day.
 He wasn't a fan of the presents either. Yeah right!
This puzzle from Zack's stepbrother Dave and his girlfriend Leah is awesome. It's got musical instruments on it, including the ones Zack and I play (guitar, violin, and piano), and it plays music when you match up the pieces. Easter bunny Jonas is a fan.

And of course his grandparents continue to spoil him. He's gotten blankets, toys, clothes, and more. I'd say our little guy had a good day!

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