Thursday, April 16, 2015

Life Lately

I've gotten behind on the blog again, so this post will just catch everyone up on what we've been up to lately with some phone pictures and brief descriptions. I don't plan on continuing this blog for much longer. I think I'll try to finish it up by Jonas's surgery date (I've got some unfinished drafts of other posts I want to share), and I'll just let everyone know that he got through that okay. Then maybe I'll update the blog once a year on Shamrock Day with some pictures and updates about how Jonas is doing. I'll still take tons of pictures and keep my Shutterfly site ( updated, but the blog becomes too much work for me and more of a burden than something enjoyable. It was only ever intended to document our adoption journey anyway, so I think it's basically served that purpose. Anyway, I'm not done yet, so here's what's been going on in Jonas's life lately:

Jonas likes to wear Zack's hats. One morning this week, he put one on both his doll and himself and then flopped over to mimic his doll's position.
I have a membership to the Botanic Gardens, so I took Jonas to the children's section on a warm day this week and let him cool his feet in the stream.
Jonas looked super stylish for his visit to school earlier this week to meet my teacher friends and former students.
Here's Jonas giving an unprompted kiss to Molly. He doesn't really mind her anymore. We've taught him to laugh instead of cry when she licks him.
And here's Jonas acting like Molly, drinking from his water table. Don't worry, I made him stop right after snapping this picture. He also later dropped his Kix cereal snack in here and fished those out to eat them. Mother of the Year here.
In between four appointments in one day (yes, four), Jonas enjoyed his first McDonald's Happy Meal. I was disappointed they don't come in those cool boxes anymore. But they still come with a toy. And I could choose apples and chocolate milk for him. He loved those and the French fries-not so much the cheeseburger.
Zack and Jonas exchanged coats the other night. Molly had fun photobombing.
It snowed last night and today. Molly and I needed to get out of the house. Jonas didn't mind the cold walk.
I can do a pretty mean headstand, thanks to my dad. Tonight, I showed Jonas my skills, and he had to attempt one of his own. The funniest part was when he lifted both hands to wave and say "hi."
Jonas has figured out how to escape through the dog door. I've caught him doing it twice so far, including once this morning when it was snowing and he was only wearing a diaper. Yup, Mother of the Year.
Jonas loves making music, especially if he gets to play one of Daddy's real instruments. He also likes banging on my piano. I haven't let him touch my violin yet though!
Jonas loves his slide, though he doesn't always go down (or up) it the traditional way.
Jonas had his first playdate today. Emily and her son Graham came over, and the boys ate lunch and played with lots of toys together. This picture is weird because it looks like neither boy has any legs!
Keeping Jonas entertained while waiting at his various medical appointments at Children's Hospital can be a challenge. Though they have fun things on the wall to play with, opening cabinets is apparently sometimes much more enjoyable.
We took Jonas to the dog park at Chatfield to let him and Molly run around. He loved throwing sticks in the water for Molly to fetch. He also loved trying to run into the water himself. I think he would have gone up to his neck if we let him. We caught him at about knee level at the latest.
Jonas also enjoyed his first picnic at the park. Molly enjoyed the food he dropped.

So yeah, we've been having some fun. In one week, we've had both summer and winter weather, so who knows what will be next? But Jonas is doing great and learning so much each day!

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