Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Fever

What do you do when it's near 80 degrees on a spring day in Denver? Well, if you're Zack and Jonas, you break out the tools and put together the water table! Jonas loved "helping" Zack. We got out his pretend tools, and he proudly wore the little tool belt and hammered some things.

Once they got the water table together, Jonas had fun splashing around and getting himself all wet. He and Zack especially enjoyed the squirting cannon feature that could shoot Mom (and her camera!) from afar.

We've got a couple of cold days before the Easter weekend, but I know we'll get lots of enjoyment out of this water table (and the tools) throughout the rest of spring and summer.


  1. So cute! Looks like Molly is in protection mode there!

  2. Hi Ms. Keys, this is Olivia(Incitti) I miss you a lot | so does the class. |
    I hope you are enjoying your time with Jonas. He looked so cute at his baptism.❤️

    1. Hi Olivia! It was great seeing you at Mass yesterday. Thanks for reading the blog. Hope to see you again soon!