Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter Sunday Baptism

Jonas got baptized on Easter Sunday at our church, Most Precious Blood, in Denver. We are really grateful that Father Pat was willing to perform the baptism on this special day and before Jonas's big surgery. We're also grateful that our families were able to come out and join us for the celebration. Several students, friends, and other acquaintances were also in attendance.

Jonas looked adorable in his white outfit and cap. He wasn't quite sure what to make of all the people and commotion. He basically went into shutdown mode, sucked on his thumb, and clung close to us. So to everyone else, it looked like he behaved like a perfect little angel. But we knew he was pretty freaked out, and it was kind of sad. Only near the very end of Mass did he start acting more like himself, smiling and wanting to explore. He even tried to dunk his head back in the water when we took some pictures near the baptismal font after church, so I guess he didn't mind that part too much!

With every big event, there are always a few hiccups. One of our funny moments included losing Jonas's clip-on bowtie before Mass even started, only to find it later when I changed clothes at home. I think it was stuck in my hair?

My brother Justin (Jonas's godfather) walked all the way across the church to light the baptism candle off the Easter candle, only to get back and breathe a sigh of relief that he had made it, which of course blew the candle out. Ha!

When my sister-in-law Cindy (Jonas's godmother) went to put the baptismal garment over Jonas's head, she had to do a quick maneuver to get Jonas's thumb out of his mouth. She was successful!
Here is my whole family after Mass.
And here's Zack's side.
Jonas let us have it in the car on the ride home, wailing and screaming his head off. Poor little kid was worn out and tired of everything and everyone. After a quick lunch and a good nap, he was happy to eat his cake and open some presents, but that'll be another post. Hooray for Jonas getting baptized on such a special day!

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