Sunday, April 12, 2015

Biker Boys

On Saturday morning, Jonas and I got up early to go to Boulder with Zack and watch him compete in a road bike race. Jonas thought all of the bikes were pretty cool, and he enjoyed clapping for the riders going by.

Here are my boys before the race. Zack wore the Kyrgyzstan bike jersey I got for him when we first accepted the referral of our little boy.
Here is Jonas enjoying a mid-morning snack of goldfish crackers while he waits for his daddy to finish the race.
And there goes Zack across the finish line-he had a great ride with a fast time!
Jonas was super excited to be reunited with Zack when he was done racing. He gave him a huge hug.
When we got back to Denver, Zack took Jonas to our sidewalk out front to ride his little red bike for awhile. Then they both washed their bikes on the back porch, which was pretty much the most adorable thing ever. Hooray for boys and their bikes!

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