Thursday, April 9, 2015

Grabbing Groceries

I took Jonas to the grocery store with me for the first time today. Shopping with a toddler is a whole different experience! He didn't understand why he couldn't eat (or at least open) things before we bought them. He managed to start opening both a box of oatmeal and a box of goldfish crackers at different points of our outing. I caught him before he got them totally opened, thankfully.
You also can't just go grab something you forgot on the other end of the store and leave the cart alone. I was even paranoid just leaving him down the same aisle at a little distance from me! Jonas of course played the little charmer, saying "hi" and smiling at people passing by. He's so darn cute that I can't help but worry someone's going to snatch him up!

I was thankful for the fun car-themed shopping cart, though I hope Jonas doesn't think all shopping carts will be that fun. He loved rotating the steering wheels and pretending to beep the horn. He was also pretty interested in the things I was buying, especially the produce. I tried to let him feel the various items and tell them what they were, like avocados, celery, and cilantro. There are so many new textures, colors, and smells for him at places like this. Jonas even ate a piece of sushi that was being handed out as a sample. Overall, I'd say our first shopping trip together was a success!

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