Friday, April 17, 2015

One Month Report

Jonas has been living with us for exactly a month now. I thought it'd be interesting to jot down some fun facts about him for future reference and memories.

Favorite Foods:
-any and all fruit, especially bananas, tangerines, strawberries, and blueberries
-cherry tomatoes
-juice from the juicer
-French fries
-mashed potatoes

Foods Jonas Dislikes:
-roast beef
-green vegetables (unless hidden in juice)
-chicken (usually)

English Words Jonas Knows:
-uh oh
-bye bye
-food please (sounds nothing like it)
-cheers (sounds nothing like it)
-night night
-repeats lots of others like ball, snow, no thank you, bath, etc.

Words/Commands Jonas Understands:
-feed Molly
-brush teeth
-read a book
-throw it in the trash
-put it away
-give it to me

Words/Phrases Jonas Still Says in Russian:
-thank you
-give me it
-kaka (this works for English too!)
-some word that means dog (sounds like afofo or apopo)
-some phrase that he uses when mad (sounds like djzo djzo)
-other babble we don't understand

Gestures Jonas Uses:
-shakes head no
-reaches hand out for things he wants
-points to mouth when he wants to eat something
-motions for you to follow him
-shakes finger like no-no
-holds hand up like stop
-raises arms to show how big he is
-emphatic nod of head when you acknowledge something he's given you
-shakes fists when very mad/excited
-points out eyes and noses
-shrugs shoulders and puts hands/arms out when he doesn't know or can't find something
-wipes hands together when he's finished something

Favorite Things to Do:
-go to the park and climb and go down slide
-throw rocks/sticks in the water
-feed Molly and give her treats
-hold Molly's leash
-be chased
-be like Daddy (wear a watch, play guitar, put on a hat, etc.)
-watch/observe other kids
-touch everything within reach to see if it's Baba's or not (what he calls himself)
-see animals and say "baa"
-see cars or other large vehicles
-watch Russian cartoon called "Masha"
-look at pictures and videos of himself
-get hospital bracelets, stickers, or Band-Aids put on himself
-click his glass with yours and say "Cheers"

-sleeps on mattress on floor next to our bed with stuffed dog and doll (who must also get a goodnight kiss)
-goes to bed at 8pm, wakes up at 7am
-2 hour nap at about 1-3pm
-takes anywhere from 5-45 minutes to fall asleep
-eats breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner
-gets a bath every other night
-50% potty trained (we're not pushing it right now with surgery coming up)
-sucks his right thumb when shy, scared, angry, sad, or tired
-sings to himself at breakfast, in the car, and in bed-can't understand words but tune sometimes sounds like "Twinkle Twinkle"
-says "kaka" when he has to go #2 or is in the process of doing it
-fits best into 24 month or 2T sized tops and 18 month or 24 month sized bottoms
-gives hugs and kisses throughout the day

Habits We Are Working on Breaking:
-calling Zack Papa instead of Daddy
-throwing unwanted food onto the ground
-biting/hitting/pinching when very mad/excited (working on "gentle touches")
-sitting up, rolling out, sticking feet out of bed
-throwing toys
-not sitting through an entire story
-touching/grabbing things that aren't his (remote, phones, computers, etc.)
-hugging anyone who will let him, including complete strangers

Our Favorite Things About Jonas:
-huge smile that takes up his whole face
-infectious giggle
-friendly-says "hi" and "bye bye" to everyone wherever we go
-look of surprise and gasp when something unexpected happens
-impulsive hugs and kisses
-his "oooooo" when he sees something he likes or is impressed by
-so incredibly cute
-tries to repeat words we say and songs we sing
-great personality and easygoing nature
-that he's our son!

And as an extra bonus, here are the first two pictures we saw of our son in the e-mail that contained our referral back in November. He looks so tiny!

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